Who makes HATCH?

My name is Damián Martone, and I’m the creator and curator of HATCH CONFERENCE.
I’m an experienced Product Designer, based in Berlin, working on the events space for 4 years.
In 2018, I co-founded Merchant Inspiration, a company which creates content and events for Shopify Merchants in DACH, and co-organized over 10 Shopify Meetups and a 500 people conference in Berlin in 2019.
Besides this, I organize the Berlin Product Designers Meetup since 2021.

Impressions of previous events


Rory Colgan is a lead recruiter for Redsofa, one of the top talent agencies in Berlin for design teams.

He assists with sales and contact to attendees to guarantee participation of relevant designers in the invitation process.

Nick Stübe is UX Partner & Innovation Manager for

He supports the event by bringing in a wide network of experts and companies in the public sector, increasing the quality of partnerships.


Our coaching program helps inexperienced speakers prepare their talks for the conference, with a help of volunteers who have donated their time to help speakers polish their material ,and get feedback, before presenting it in HATCH.

Thomas Otto leads interdisciplinary teams in creating digital products and services with a balanced value for people and companies. 
Working between UX, product and business with a passion for data and algorithmic systems.

Jeff Humble is  co-founder of The Fountain Institute, former Head of Design in Careeer Foundry and working in design at tech startups since 2011, and I’ve been focused on online education since 2016.